Re-Usable Flash Advance Cartridges for GBA SP. Backup your games. Erase old games and write
New free games to the XG-Flash Wise Box cart
GameBoy Advance SP Flash : Flash Advance Linkers and Cartridges for GBASP (Flash Advance, XG-Flash, Wise Box, Flash2Advamce)
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After the release od Nintendo DS we could play GBA roms on NDS with a gba flash card and linker, but now the first nds flash card for ds roms is released. NDS NeoFlash can play freeware and commercial NDS ROMS as well as GBA games on GBA / SP / DS. Great all in one solution for backup games.

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A few years ago Flash Cards and GBA Flash Advance Linkers were awailable only to licensed Nintendo game developers. They were used for testing games on the real GB hardware, insted of playing them on a PC where they were developed.

Today you can buy one of these Flash Advance Sets (XG-Flash, FA Xtreme, Wise Box, Flash-2-Advance) and use them for:

  1. Play Free Games (gba roms)
  2. Backuping your game cartridges to another rewritable cart
  3. Developing new games if you like...
  4. Downloading GBA games from the internet and playing them on GBA
  5. Playing old backuped GB classic and GB COLOR games on GBA
    (need GB Bridge adapter to use FA cards for GB & GBC roms)
  6. Playing NES, SEGA, Atari, Chip8 games on Gameboy!
  7. Play MP3 music, Video files
  8. Have picture albums and Text / e-books on GBA
  9. .... and more


What you need is:

- Gameboy Advance or GBA SP
- PC with Win98, Me, NT, XP or Linux
- One of the Flash Cards and PC - GBA Linker cables

How does it work?:

  • With a PC you download games from the internet (.gba or .zip files)
  • Connect rewritable FA cartridge to PC using FA Linker
  • Write GB rom file (or multiple files) to FA Card
  • Put the Flash card in the Gameboy and PLAY!!!

» more details about Flash Advance Linkers and gba Flash Cards
can be found at www.GAMEBOY-ADVANCE.net

» Compare different types of GBASP Flash Cartridges

Download freeware GBA games at:




List of on-line shops where you can buy GBA backup devices.
(All of them ship WorldWide)

flash 2 advance card 256m

» Linker4u.com
Sells all types of Flash Advance Linkers. ECube XG, F2A Ultra

» EasyBuy2000
Sells GBA X-ROM, XG-Flash and good old FA Pro cards

» Jandaman
Specializes in EZ-Flash 2 Power Star and EFA Flash Linkers and cards

» Merconnet
UK store for Flash2Advance and exclusive retailer of QBus Qboy.


FA Xtreme, XG-Flash and WiseBox are fully compatible with both GBA SP and GBA, when as Flash-2-Advance Linker has problems working with SP linker port. F2A card works on SP, but to write roms to the card some people have to use GBA. Works of for others, but better stay away from F2A until the drivers are updated!



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