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Recharging a Gameboy Advance SP, GB Micro, or Nintendo DS in a Foreign Country

Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy micro, and Nintendo DS, use a rechargeable battery that must be plugged into a wall outlet to charge. Because electrical standards vary throughout the world, using an outlet with an incorrect voltage could damage your system. If you are traveling to another country, your best option is to purchase
AC ADAPTER with a plug suitable for the specific country or a step-down transformer.

AC Europe 220V
UK Plug




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Gameboy Advance SP Help


Before you mail us you must know that GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP :

  • is fully compatible with all GAMEBOY ADVANCE games.
  • Any GAMEBOY SP can play GBA game cartridges from Europe, USA, Japan, China or any other country of the world.
  • All SP consoles are produced the same exept for the AC Adapter that is country specific and can be bought separately.
  • Gameboy Video cartridges with movies and cartoons work on GBA, SP and GB Micro consoles but do not work on GameCube GB Player.

Button functions when viewing a Game Boy Advance Video:

  • L Button: Skip/search backwards
  • R Button: Skip/search forward
  • Control Pad Left: Rewind
  • Control Pad Right: Fast Forward
  • A Button: Select
  • B Button: Cancel selection
  • Start: Pause
  • Select: Return to Main Menu

Hello, I am looking to buy a Gameboy Advance SP and am trying to find out if they are all country specific (ie Europe is PAL system and USA is NTSC). Could I buy a GBA in the US and have British (UK) bought games work on it? The reason I ask this is that I spend a lot of time travelling between the two countries and need to know about compatability and which country to buy in (US being cheaper) and also where I can buy my games.

GBA SP can play all Gameboy Advance game paks from any country of the world.
Becouse SP has its own screen there is no such thing as NTSC or PAL Gameboy. GBASP is also compatible with older games made for the Game Boy Color and original Game Boy as well as import MultiCarts from Asia.

GBA SP Multicarts 100 in 1

multicarts compilations 2in1 100in1

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