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The Game Boy Advance SP is designed to address the three most common complaints heard from GBA users.
Most importantly, there's a bright light built into the front edge of the new GBA's display. This should make it easier to see under a variety of lighting conditions. Partly to offset the demands of the internal light, Nintendo has added rechargeable batteries to the GBA SP. And to put it all together, the device has a new clamshell design, which folds to protect the screen and is only about half the size of the original handheld.

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Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo reveals its advanced GBA system.
On January 06, 2003 - Nintendo today revealed a brand new version of the Game Boy Advance.

gameboy advance sp picturesThe unit, called the Game Boy Advance SP, will be a foldable version of the GBA that, most importantly, features a front-lit LCD screen that can be turned on and off during play. The GBA SP will be released in Japan on February 14th for 12,500 yen. The system will go on sale in the US this March 23rd, the two-year anniversary of the GBA system's Japanese release. The device will retail for $99 in the US, but it will not replace the current Game Boy Advance system.

The Game Boy Advance SP system features a rechargeable, replaceable battery pack that gives the GBA SP system approximately 10 hours playtime with the light on, 18 hours with the light off. The unit will be sold in two colors: Platinum and Cobalt. The unit can fully charge its battery in three hours through the AC adaptor.

The screen size and hardware are virtually identical to the current Game Boy Advance system. The unit will not have a headphone jack; Nintendo has created a special adapter for the GBA SP that plugs into a brand-new multi-access port (also used for the AC adapter) which enables users to plug in standard headphones. Sold seperately, of course.


GBA SP replacement batteryThis replacement 700mAH Li-Ion battery was made especially as a replacement or extra battery for the GBA SP. Has been tested to lasts over 24 hours. Compatible with all GBA SP Consoles world wide. Extend the life and your game time with this replacement battery for your GBA SP.

Gameboy Advance and GBA SP replacement batteries

Overall, the GBA clone is very much like the original Nintendo system. The box art even looks like the real deal, and the package comes with a GBA charger and USB link cable. However, of course, there are noticeable differences, such as that the clone's buttons are quite hard and 'clicky' and that the body is somewhat of another material. But basically, this Game Boy Advance imitation is closer to the original when held and gripped.
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Pocket SNES Advance

New tool for gba flash cards has been released - Poket SNES Advance. With this GBA program you can convert SNES game rom files into gba compatible files and write them to gba flash cards for playing on gameboy advance sp

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ReUsable Gameboy Cards

ReWritable gameboy flash advance cartridge

With the release of GBA SP we have also thought about all the kids and parents who are buying more than 1 game for the gameboy. New ReUsable / ReWritable GBA Flash Advance cartridges let you Erase the games after you compleat them and Write new ones to the same cart! This will save you tons of $.

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gba flash nds neo

Gameboy Micro

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