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The only device that lets you copy Gameboy Advance games from one cartridge-to-cartridge without the use of a PC. Also has an option to connect to PC and write PC-to-cart

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GBA SP Emulator

Download > Visual Gameboy Advance and GBA SP ROMS

Because the insides of the GBA SP are the same as the ones of Gameboy Advance you can play all GBA SP games with GB Advance Emulator (link above)

Pokemon Emulator iPhone console

Nintendo Pokemon Emulator systems are not spared from being turned into gray market goods, because there are already GameBoy Advance imitations out there. An example of such is the Deal Extreme GameBoy Advance or GBA clone; there are also imitations of GameBoy Advance SP available in the bootlegs stores. And of course, they are not found in legit shops and resellers - most of them can be purchased only in the Internet. For real gaming geeks, these are a must-have.



List of on-line shops where you can buy GBA backup devices.
(All of them ship WorldWide)

flash 2 advance card 256m

» GameGizmo
Sells all types of Flash Advance Linkers. XG, Xtreme, F2A

» EasyBuy2000
Sells XG-Flash and good old FA Pro cards

» eXtremeMods
Specializes in Flash2Advance Linkers and cards

» FireFly 
The place you should go to get GBA Wise Box


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